"The First 7 Things to do After Getting Engaged"

Learn the 7 big action steps you need to take to start planning your wedding with confidence and clarity, while staying on budget and getting back to your life.


Here's what you'll take away from this FREE workshop:

  • The essential 7 big action items you need to do in the first 3 months of wedding planning.
  • How to create a realistic wedding budget - even if you haven't made any wedding decisions yet.
  • How a wedding philosophy will be the basis of all of your smart decision making. 
  • 3 Ways to save thousands by avoiding these sneaky venue costs.
  • How to overcome the overwhelm that comes with planning a wedding (and the MASSIVE to do list + indecision overload that just dropped in your lap the moment you said "YES").

Well, Hey! 

I'm Emily! I'm a virtual wedding planner for those brides who want to roll up their sleeves and craft a romantic, highly-personalized, and totally epic wedding themselves. I've got the plan that will make it all so easy. 

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